Course Syllabus September 2021- January 2022

5 Didactic and Clinical Sessions - 15 CE hours

Lectures, Case presentations, Problem Solving, Treatment Planning by Certified Specialist

Implant Surgery and Restoration hands-on (model)

One session/monthly Sep 2021- January 2022

6:00 p.m- 9:00 p.m.


Session #1:

  • Diagnosis and Surgical Treatment Planning

  • CBCT Interpretation & Surgical Stents

  • Surgical Site Development for aesthetic implant

  • Post Extraction Site Management In the Aesthetic and Non-aesthetic Zone

  • Partial extraction therapy  

  • Smart Implant Placement

  • Type, Size and Number of Implants: Do they matter?

  • Flap Surgery vs Flapless Approach

  • Advanced Immediate and Early Placement Strategies

  • Predictable Loading Protocols

Session #2 & 3: 

  • Predictable Ridge Augmentation GBR and BBA Principles

  • 3D bone augmentation with simultaneous implant placement

  • Vertical ridge augmentation: limits and indications

  • Sinus grafting

  • Biomaterials selection/Efficacy/limitations

  • New aspects of tissue regeneration

  • Soft Tissue Management for Implant Site

  • Zero bone loss concept in implantology

  • Dental Implant Complications: Aetiology, Prevention and Managements

Session #4:

  • Mucogingival defects management

  • Periodontal regeneration

  • Aesthetic gingival grafting

  • Allograft dermal tissue as an alternative to autogenous graft. Think outside the palate! 

  • Laser in Periodontics

  • Long term results of periodontal treatments

Session #5

  • Free hand and guided implant surgery hands-on 

  • Straumann Implant restoration hands-on

  • Q/A session, Certificate Presentation